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Hft responds to the Industrial Strategy for Britain consultation


Hft, a national charity that supports adults with learning disabilities, has responded to the Government’s Industrial Strategy. The consultation aimed to collect views on the Government’s proposals on the skills, research and infrastructure needed for a ‘modern industrial strategy’ to address the long-term challenges facing the UK economy.

Whilst the charity criticised the lack of any provisions for ensuring adults with learning disabilities are included in the economic growth, the charity used the consultation to call for a “sector deal” for the learning disability sector, which could be used to stimulate innovation and investment in assistive technologies.

Billy Davis, Public Affairs & Policy Manager at Hft, commented: “Assistive technology – which we at Hft call Personalised Technology – represents a real opportunity for the learning disability sector and others. Using technology – which can include anything from telecare equipment and environmental controls, to mobile technology and communication aids – can help enhance the support that people with learning disabilities receive, as well as streamline internal processes and create efficiency savings for providers.”

“In a recent survey undertaken by Cebr for Hft, 75% of organisations in the learning disability sector claimed they will be curbing investment in services as a way of making economic efficiencies. A ‘sector deal’ could help stimulate investment in the sector, and help develop new products and technologies that can be used to support adults with learning disabilities both at home and abroad.”

“Hft is the UK’s recognised leader in using Personalised Technology to enhance people’s lives and increase their independence. We look forward to building a blueprint for a sector deal with our peers and other stakeholders.”