Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Hft responds to Labour’s mission to create an ‘NHS fit for the future’

LABOUR leader Sir Keir Starmer has unveiled Labour’s plans to ‘build an NHS fit for the future’, stating that ‘social care is definitely a priority’ due to the intrinsic link between the two sectors. However, the learning disability charity Hft says social care should not be an afterthought as it responds to the announcement.

Kirsty Matthews, CEO of Hft said:

“It is really positive to see that Labour’s plans for the NHS include reforming social care; social care is inextricably linked to our health service and the significant challenges we face. These challenges, particularly those relating to recruitment and retention, must be addressed if we also want the NHS to succeed.

“Last year, according to our Sector Pulse Check research, staff shortages across the adult social care sector saw nearly one-fifth of providers close services, impacting the ability of our sector to respond to those who need support.

“Providers overwhelmingly feel that increased staff pay would have the greatest impact on recruitment and retention, so it is reassuring to see Labour’s proposals for a fair pay agreement.”

She concluded:

“However, any arrangement for staff pay must be fully funded and ringfenced at the local authority level to prevent additional financial burdens on providers who are already severely stretched.

“At present, proposals for social care form just one short paragraph in Labour’s mission to ‘build an NHS fit for the future’. It is important that we are not considered an afterthought, nor a solution to the issues in the NHS.

“Rather, reform of the social care system must be given due time and consideration to ensure that it too, is fit for the future and can deliver for learning disabled adults for years to come.”


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