Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Hft launches skydiving campaign to combat loneliness in learning disabled adults

HFT is inviting its supporters to take a ‘Leap of Kindness’ to help raise money towards eliminating the loneliness and isolation experienced within communities by learning disabled adults. This follows illuminating research that found more than one-third (36%) of learning disabled people felt lonely nearly always or all the time.

Taken from the learning disability charity’s research, Lockdown on Loneliness, this paints a true picture of the loneliness and isolation experienced by learning disabled adults.

One in three (37%) people surveyed also said they hardly ever or never go out to socialise, with 33% of those surveyed commenting that they felt disconnected from their local community, suggesting that their experiences of loneliness were not simply a consequence of restrictions introduced due to the pandemic.

Hft is making this the centre of its annual skydiving campaign, Leap of Kindness, to highlight these problems and support its mission of combating loneliness and isolation in learning disabled people.

The campaign, which is now open for sign-ups, will run for the entire month of September, and Hft is working with Skyline to offer twenty jump site locations across England and Wales.

Hft’s Community Fundraising Manager, Emma Macdonald, said:

“We know it’s a big decision to take on a new challenge, but you won’t regret signing up!

“Once you’ve registered, we’ll get straight back to you with the biggest welcome and all the fundraising advice you need to fully enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime experience, along with all the support you could ever want for an adventure you’ll never forget.”

Chloe Payne, Hft’s Events Officer, added:

“We’re ready to answer any of your questions and support you all as part of the Leap of Kindness Skydive Team.

“No one should have to feel alone, so thank you so much in advance for supporting this absolutely vital cause.”

If you decide to jump for Hft, you are asked to commit to fundraising a minimum of £415 which covers the full cost of the jump and provides Hft with vital funds to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. You just need to pay a discounted £35 deposit to Skyline to secure your place.

If you are interested in signing up, please visit Hft’s website or contact the fundraising team at


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