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THE MINTRIDGE FOUNDATION: Happy New Year from everyone at The Mintridge Foundation!

It has been a busy start to the New Year for The Foundation. In the first week of January, we delivered three Bronze Programmes across the country. Two netball Programmes with Jess Shaw and Anna Carter and another rugby Programme with Justine Lucas.

We were also delighted to be able to deliver a Silver Mentoring Programme with James Golding in the second week of January. This was kindly donated by a local housing developer Bowbridge Homes. The Silver Mentoring Programme is a fantastic addition to our Bronze Programmes as the Ambassadors select two students to be remotely mentored for a six-month period. We look forward to following the journey of our two mentees and watching them develop.

Before we rush into what is in store for The Foundation in 2019, we must update you on one of our most important days of the year, that took place before Christmas. In the last few days before the Christmas break, The Mintridge Foundation came together at the beautiful grounds of Witham Hall, for the fourth Mintridge Training day. It was a chance for the Ambassadors, trustees, staff, partners and friends of Mintridge to come together to celebrate a hugely successful year for The Foundation, some following the dress code to the tee with some FANTASTIC Christmas jumpers.

After receiving their goody bags which included the essentials… Nibble Protein Bites (our fantastic nutrition partners), sunglasses and an agenda for the day, the Ambassadors new and old spent some time catching up with each other.

Alongside our day of celebrations was an important presentation and training session, led by the Child Protection in Sport Unit, to ensure our Ambassadors are taught about the importance of safeguarding, especially when working in schools and with mentees. It was a fantastic interactive session which allowed everyone to ask questions and learn new and important information from the CPSU.

Our fantastic kit partners, Squadkit, also joined us on the day to deliver a short presentation on the future of our Mintridge kit and the work we are doing together over the next year in lots of schools across the country. We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of SquadKit, and our Ambassadors were delighted to be presented with their personalised Mid Layers.

Sarah Juggins, who is currently creating The Mintridge Foundation story, attended the Training Day to talk about the exciting Mintridge book, which we hope to be released at some point soon. Sarah explained how amazing it would be to get each of our Ambassadors stories into schools, so we can keep on inspiring generations to come.

Our brilliant partners from Switch the Play also joined us for the afternoon, to deliver their “Brand of You” training from Chris Brindley – a thought-provoking and extremely informative training session aimed at building the brand of our Mintridge Ambassadors and helping them in all aspects of their lives.

In its second year, The Foundation also presented this year’s Anna Horrell Award, in memory and in celebration of Anna. Anna who was incredibly influential and encouraging to the sporting endeavours of so many young people, including our Founder, Alex Paske. Each academic year, a student (or group of students) that one of our elite athlete ambassadors has worked with will win the award:

The award is presented to an individual, or group of individuals, that has demonstrated a proactive nature and infectious enthusiasm throughout their programme and has shown great potential in their chosen sport.

We were pleased that a mentee of Stevie Eskinazi was given the award this year for their ambition and determination towards their own Cricket goals.

We have so much to look forward to in 2019, including numerous Bronze, Silver and Gold Programmes across the country, challenges and Mintridge fundraisers using our places in the Great Eastern Swim and the Ride London. This year there will be lots of fundraising events and of course, we will be celebrating the return of our incredible duo, Jemma and Lauren (Team Whale of A Time Row) as they near the end of their arduous Atlantic Challenge.

This year we will also get to support some of our Ambassadors competing at the top level, including Eboni Usoro-Brown who will be competing in the Netball World Cup, Justine Lucas who will be participating in the women’s rugby Six Nations and James Golding who will be taking on the seven-day world record cycle (again) to try and beat his own record. We also have two of our wonderful Ambassadors Mal Loye and Danielle Brown competing in the Great Eastern Swim. Get in touch if you would like to race alongside them!

We look forward to keeping you updated on what is in store for The Mintridge Foundation!