UK Fundraising presents a half-day course designed especially for those people who are new to fundraising or who are volunteers who have heard about Gift Aid but don’t really know what it is about.

People who work in other areas such as events, administration and finance and even trusts and corporate fundraising will also benefit from getting a better understanding of the basics of Gift Aid as well as other aspects of tax-efficient giving such as payroll giving, legacies and donations of shares and land.

Half-day course for those new to fundraising
Trainer- Barry Gower, MD of Gift Aid recovery specialists GAIN

The half-day course will include:

1. The history and background to ‘new’ Gift Aid

  • Covenants and the crusades
  • ‘Get Britain Giving’ Gordon Brown and Gift Aid 2000

2. The purpose and effect of Gift Aid

  • Increase donations from individuals
  • Give donors more say and control of their taxes
  • Increase value of donations for charity

3. Basic Gift Aid

  • What does it mean?
  • Who can use it – Individuals, taxpayers?
  • The relationship between charity the donor and HMRC

4. The Gift Aid declaration

  • What a Gift Aid Declaration must include
  • The three different types of Gift Aid Declaration
  • Keeping records

5. The benefit rules

  • What can you give a donor as a ‘thank you’ for her/his donation?
  • How to make sure that the benefit rules are not broken
  • The special case of connected persons and sponsorships

6. The importance of keeping records

The reasons for keeping records – the Gift Aid Audit

  • The reasons for keeping records – the Gift Aid Audit
  • What happens if you get it wrong – fines, clawbacks and penalties
  • How you can actually get HMRC to pay you Gift Aid on donations you forgot to claim, and even pay you interest on this!

7. Recent developments

  • Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme
  • Gift Aid Online
  • HMRC’s focus on tackling fraud