Go to great heights to show your solidarity with those in crisis

What does supporting people in crisis have in common with climbing down a 270ft building? They both require a big strong heart! And this Spring, the British Red Cross (BRC) will be combining both, once again, for the 4th annual Leeds Abseil!

Come and join other courageous BRC supporters on Sunday 19th May, to take on the immense Leeds Arena Village building for people facing crisis situations, both close to home and overseas.

If you would love to take part but become overwhelmed in the presence of great heights, just think about how much conquering this challenge will mean to so many people. Your own personal high will also lift up vulnerable people across Yorkshire and beyond, as Red Cross volunteers reach out to house-fire victims, refugees, hospital patients and school children.

Go to great heights to show your solidarity with those in crisis

And, thanks to a committed and caring community fundraising team, you’ll easily top your sponsorship target of £100. A target which, in itself, could fund transport and rehabilitation for a vulnerable person after a stay in a hospital.

So, grab your friends and look at Leeds in a way you never imagined you would. And, if you can’t convince anyone to join you, just rub their noses on the amazing photo you’ll have of yourself fearlessly hanging off one of the tallest buildings in the North of England!

If you believe you can swallow your fear and set aside your primal survival instinct that advises you against standing on the edge of an 80-meter-tall building, then head over to www.redcross.org.uk/leedsabseil or contact Helen at hwhale@redcross.org.uk or 0113 2015256. The entry fee is £10 and no previous experience is needed – the professional abseil team on site will look after you the whole way through.