Sunday, 3 December 2023
Sunday, 3 December 2023

Give A Little® delivers significant innovation in low-cost contactless fundraising with Stripe

Give A Little® delivers significant innovation in low-cost contactless fundraising with StripeGive A Little®, the world’s only point of donation software platform, has announced an expansion of its existing relationship with global payments platform Stripe, to deliver significant innovation in low-cost cashless fundraising. 

The launch includes a range of highly requested features including contactless monthly recurring donations; offline donations, and single-amount Tap & Go. A market-leading low transaction fee of 1.58% (UK) is facilitated with the launch through easy payment processing/acquirer sign-up via Give A Little Stripe. Trials are also available for Tap on Phone, which allows charities to collect contactless donations with their own smartphones, without the need for a separate card reader; also the new Stripe S700 is a handheld, portable contactless donation box that can be trialled.

All new features are available to existing and new Give A Little fundraisers at no additional subscription cost.

For hardware, Give A Little’s growing ecosystem of device partners including CollecTin and Payaz will be available with the Stripe WisePad 3 card reader. Charities can also choose to use the Give A Little’s DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach and create their own point of donation with an Android tablet or smartphone and a Stripe WisePad 3 card reader. The new Stripe handheld S700 device extends the choice of hardware now on the Give A Little platform.

Monthly recurring donations

Donors can now choose to set up recurring monthly donations via a charity’s donation station or portable contactless collection box. This feature has been requested by charities of all sizes as the recurring donation model provides significantly increased donor relationship value. (Requires the Stripe WisePad 3 card reader, connected to the Give A Little app)

Offline donations

Offline donations now enable charities to accept contactless donations where the device doesn’t have data connectivity (WiFI or mobile data). Donations are stored on the Give A Little app when it goes offline and processed once connectivity is restored. (Requires the Stripe WisePad 3 card reader, connected to the Give A Little app)

Tap & Go

Tap & Go displays a single donation amount to the donor on the charity’s campaign screen while the card reader stays primed and ready to accept payment. In this way, the donor can very quickly donate the default amount without needing to select anything on the screen. Default amounts are set up when creating a campaign and Tap n’ Go is enabled through the Give A Little App menu. This is a very rapid way of dealing with queues and for locations where people are transiting through quickly, not wanting to stop for long to donate. (Requires the Stripe WisePad 3 card reader, connected to the Give A Little app)

Market-leading low-fee

Give A Little’s mission is to minimise the cost barrier for charities moving to cashless technology and we are pleased to be able to provide a market-leading transaction fee of 1.58% to the UK charity sector. This applies to charities who select to use Give A Little Stripe for their payment processing (it is restricted to the UK currently but will be extended to other countries in 2024).

Tap on Phone

Charities can now enable volunteers and staff to use their own smartphones (later model Android) to collect contactless donations without the need for an additional card reader as a result of Give A Little’s new Tap on Phone service. Charities can invite unlimited numbers of volunteers. Their volunteer accepts the email invitation and simply follows the link to download the Give A Little app to their device from the Play Store. They can then log in to start collecting contactless donations. Donors just tap their card, or their smartphone wallet to the volunteers’ phone. All donations are processed to the charity’s bank account and are tracked via extensive reporting through Give A Little’s admin account including showing the funds raised by each volunteer.

Stripe S700 Reader

The Give A Little app is now available for the new Stripe S700 Reader, which is suitable for both handheld and countertop points of donation. The S700 has a 5.5-inch colour touchscreen, which with Give A Little’s donor-facing software can be customised with the charity’s branding and call to action. It can also be set to collect Gift Aid declarations, send receipts, and collect marketing contact opt-ins. The S700 handles contactless, Chip and PIN, and digital wallet donations. It comes with an integrated lithium-ion battery (with a battery life of 15 hours of active use). Accessories are coming soon including a dock with a secure lock for countertop use, a hub for ethernet and USB connections, and a case for additional protection.

Ben Stewart, Give A Little Co-Founder and MD said:

“Our partnership with Stripe is a significant step forward in our mission to minimise the costs for charities moving to cashless technology and to protect them from the fast pace of change in the payments industry. When we created Give A Little, we wanted to provide the most affordable, easy-to-use and flexible way for charities to collect cashless donations and we are extremely pleased to be able to offer an industry-leading transaction fee through our Give A Little Stripe offering, as well as incredibly valuable features for charities such as the ability to sign up via contactless to recurring donations and take offline donations.”

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