Monday, 15 July 2024
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Monday, 15 July 2024

Get fighting fit to beat global hunger with Tearfund challenge

KEEPING fit and keeping connected with the world around us –  familiar lockdown concerns – have just got easier thanks to a new exercise challenge from international development charity Tearfund.   

Tearfund’s 21 for 21 Challenge gives participants a new workout every day for 21 days.  Signing up and getting sponsored means exercisers will also help beat poverty around the world while they get fit at home, linking them to people like Jessy from Malawi, a grandmother whose family regularly suffers from hunger.

Liz Earle MBE, Wellbeing Brand Founder and Tearfund ambassador said:

“Doing this challenge is a great way to remind myself that I’m essentially still connected to Jessy and others who live far away, despite lockdown. Their struggles are different from my struggles but 21 for 21 gives me a way to show I care, as well as benefiting my own physical health.

“Jessy and her family work hard to grow maize, but crop after crop fails due to flooding from the nearby river and changing weather patterns. Jessy’s family can go many months without enough food, and Jessy herself has, at times, been so hungry that she has collapsed.”

Jane Pleace, Tearfund’s Global Fundraising Director said:

“Funds raised by the challenge will help Tearfund’s work to make sure families like Jessy’s can provide for themselves, even in challenging circumstances,’  says Jane Pleace, Tearfund’s Global Fundraising Director. We also really want our supporters to enjoy themselves and feel a sense of achievement through staying fit.”

Tearfund’s local church partners around the world are working alongside communities like Jessy’s, helping them to farm in ways that are more resilient to challenging weather patterns. For example, they are training farmers to make and use organic fertiliser, to plant crops that can withstand difficult weather conditions and to plant trees along river banks to help prevent flooding.

Get fighting fit to beat global hunger with Tearfund challenge

Musical theatre star Rachelle Ann Go-Spies, known for her roles in London’s West End’s Hamilton and Miss Saigon will also be helping to promote the 21 for 21 Challenge.

To find out more about Tearfund’s 21 for 21 Challenge, please visit:


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