Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Generous people donate 900 bags of supplies for Pakistan flood victims

More than 900 bags of vital supplies have been donated by generous people for victims of Pakistan’s devastating floods.

Clothes, bedding, shoes, hygiene packs, and children’s toys have all been collected for people in Pakistan who face a harsh winter having lost their homes and belongings.

The items were donated to the Glasgow-based Sarwar Foundation, with charity volunteers collecting and bagging them and packing a container which has embarked on its six-week journey to Lahore.

Once there, the organisation’s partner charity in Pakistan will distribute the bags to areas of need – particularly in the north of the country where winter is coldest.

The disastrous floods that hit Pakistan in the summer killed 1,735 people and displaced around a 33million.

Harsh winter weather could worsen the misery of flood victims, particularly if food and other supplies are not delivered quickly.

The Sarwar Foundation, which has a charity shop on Victoria Road in Glasgow, is continuing to accept donations which it can sell in the UK to raise additional funds.

People can also donate £30 online at for a ration pack that will feed a family of six for a month.

Mohammed Rajak, the vice-chair of the Sarwar Foundation, said:

“The humanitarian crisis in Pakistan continues, with millions still displaced following the catastrophic floods.

“With winter fast approaching, there are growing fears of further misery for families who have already lost so much.

“The response to this emergency from the people of Glasgow and Scotland has been phenomenal, with so many items of clothing and bedding being donated to fill 900 sacks.

“The container is on its way to Pakistan to help those in need, and we continue to raise vital funds for victims.”


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