FundStar launches powerful fundraising toolPowered by FundStar, Percy is a virtual fundraising assistant set to shake up the third sector. Available now, the prepaid card and app offer charities and good causes the ability to raise micro-donations, thank donors with a reward club and communicate effectively with supporters, among a host of other benefits.

Have you met Alexa’s and Siri’s professional fundraising friend?

Fundraising offices are busy places. It’s all about the next campaign, next event, next major donor meeting, next lobbying opportunity. When do you ever have time to stop? To think? To find solutions to the challenges that most UK charities face year on year? To communicate with your supporters regularly, in a friendly and concise way, tailored to their individual needs, about ways in which they can help your amazing organisation deliver its charitable objectives?

Meet Percy, your FundStar virtual assistant.

Amazon’s Alexa has revolutionised our day to day lives, answering questions, playing music, creating to-do lists and even controlling our central heating. In 2011, Apple’s Siri joined the party. And now, at the start of the new decade, it’s time to introduce Percy, every fundraiser’s best friend.

But before we give you the low down on Percy, perhaps we should tell you more about the game-changing fundraising solution he supports! FundStar is a not-for-profit enterprise that makes fundraising easy, effective and smart. It is revolutionising individual giving.

Donors register online and receive a personalised FundStar prepaid debit card in the post. Your donors then shop in-store or online as normal. Every time they use their FundStar card to pay for something, a micro-donation (from 20p to £1 per transaction, chosen by the donor) is given to you, their chosen charity. Though individual donations may be small, with many people on board these payments soon add up.

Founded by serial entrepreneur David Evans MBE, FundStar is a modern version of the till-side collecting tin. It turns everybody’s purse or wallet into a virtual collecting tin. Did you know there are 2.4 million points of sale (POS) terminals in the UK that accept cards? What could your charity do with the income generated from up to 2.4m collecting tins? (And as an aside, let’s just stop to think about the cost and environmental impact of producing that many plastic collections tins!)

As any fundraiser knows, there are costs associated with securing high ROIs. You can be reassured by the fact that FundStar is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – but this comes at a cost. In order for us to collect micro-donations from the UK’s 2.4 million POS terminals, we charge charities and donors £1 per card, per month. What will your charity receive for £12 per year? Two things:

  1. Income!

At upwards of £60 per year for your charity (and upwards of another £60 per year per donor through the FundStar reward club) everyone’s a winner! That’s an industry-beating ROI of 5:1

     2. Percy, your bespoke third sector virtual assistant

Percy is cheaper than your average fundraiser. How many fundraisers cost just 40p per hour? How many work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, always on time, never ill or on holiday? At a fraction of the cost of recruiting a new member of staff, Percy ensures lots and lots of money is raised for your charity without extra workload. He’ll tick along in the background, raising large numbers of small donations from your supporters, allowing your fundraising team to focus on the strategically important tasks.

From the completion of the simple sign-up form, Percy will provide:

For you:

  • Accounting of all monies raised, sent to your charity at regular intervals
  • On-going communications support
  • Automated updates to donors
  • Marketing templates and figures about specific fundraising specific project
  • Special offers and rewards
  • Dashboard analytics re donor behaviour
  • Donor engagement ideas to bring donors closer to your charity
  • Secure ring-fencing donations in an escrow account
  • Gamification options to bring added excitement and ways of raising extra donations
  • UK based telephone/email helpline

For your donors:

An app:

  • Showing how their donations contribute to the project
  • Content about your charity
  • A sliding tool to increase or decrease the value of donations
  • Regular newsletter
  • Special offers and rewards
  • Gamification

Reward club:

  • Up to 10% cashback from participating retailers
  • Discount gift cards from most leading UK retailers
  • Leisure & lifestyle discounts
  • 2 for 1 offers

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! FundStar: a fundraising solution that will address your charity’s falling collection income, increase individual donations, has a great ROI, all supported by a virtual assistant.