Thursday, 30 June 2022
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Thursday, 30 June 2022

Full Fact: Dr Hillary Jones’ claim 90% of people in hospital are unvaccinated is wrong, it’s 36%

BOTH Dr Hilary Jones and Lorraine Kelly got the latest Covid-19 hospital figures wrong during her show on ITV on 6 December. The actor and musician Martin Kemp then later made the same mistake on the same show the following day.

They claimed that 90% of people currently in hospital with Covid have not been vaccinated. In fact, the latest data for England suggests that it’s more like 36%, says the fact-checking charity, Full Fact.

The incorrect claims prompted over 1,300 complaints to Ofcom following a recent segment discussing Covid vaccinations.

A spokesperson for Ofcom confirmed to the Daily Star that the complaints were “related to a discussion about the number of unvaccinated people in hospital”.

What the latest data says

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publishes a vaccine surveillance report using data from England each week. This includes data on the number of people who recently tested positive for Covid “presenting to emergency care resulting in an overnight inpatient admission”.

This data also shows how many of these people have been fully vaccinated (meaning it’s at least two weeks since their second dose) or are unvaccinated (meaning they haven’t received any doses).

The latest figures, which cover admissions in the four weeks up to 28 November 2021, show that about 36% were people who had not been vaccinated, and about 61% were fully vaccinated. A widely shared tweet also explained this.

Earlier in the year, when fewer people had been vaccinated, the majority of Covid patients were unvaccinated, but that changed as vaccination numbers rose. It’s also possible that the partial waning of vaccine protection in some people may have played a part.

SourceFull Fact

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