FTCT: Launch new therapy grants programme

Trade charity, the Fashion and Textile Children’s Trust have launched a new grant programme, to support children and young people with therapy costs.

Grants are available for children aged 0-18 years, whose parents work or recently worked (within the last 9 years) in the UK fashion and textile industry.

Anna Pangbourne, the charity’s director said:

“With NHS therapy waiting lists growing and some services cut entirely, we are getting more and more applications for grants to plug the gap. That’s why we are launching  our new therapy grants programme, to support the needs of children with physical health, mental wellbeing and learning needs, who are being held back by a lack of provision.”

Malina’s story

Malina aged 3 is just one of the children who has recently benefited from a therapy grant from FTCT. Malina was born with Down Syndrome and experiences delayed language development as a result. The NHS were not able to fund the one-to-one speech therapy sessions Malina needs to get her communication skills ready for mainstream school. Mum Jagoda started to look for alternative funding sources after they struggled to fund the sessions privately. She came across FTCT on Google and decided to apply for a grant when she realised her childrenswear brand ‘Malinka’ fitted FTCT’s trade criteria for fashion and textile companies.

In this special film, Jagoda talks about their experience of applying to FTCT.

Jagoda commented:

“Already the grant has made a humongous impact on the family and Malina. We have seen her communicating more, babbling and trying to speak which previously we didn’t see that. It makes my son happy because he can try to communicate more with her and for me as a Mum and my husband, just being able to say simple things and she can understand, that’s brilliant.”

Other support available

Speech therapy is just one of a range of support services FTCT’s new therapy grants can fund, with others including, psychotherapy, music therapy, play therapy and more.

To apply for an FTCT grant, one parent must work OR have recently worked in the UK fashion and textile industry, for at least one year within the last nine years.

For more information about FTCT’s therapy grants, visit: https://www.ftct.org.uk/therapy-grants