FTCT: Join forces with Special Orthotic Services to launch prize draw worth £2K

Children’s charity the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) has launched an online prize draw in conjunction with Specialised Orthotic Services (SOS), a supplier of products covering special seating and mobility needs.

Tickets cost £3 and one person will win a bespoke P-Pod seating system, which depending on specifications will be worth around £2,000. Included in the prize are:

  • One set of standard or bespoke P-Pod covers
  • Lap tray OR freestanding tray (if clinically suitable)
  • Activity frame (if clinically suitable)
  • Free assessment to ensure the prize is suited to the winner’s needs.
  • Online entry only. You can take part by visiting www. ppodraffle.zaffo.com
  • Full T&Cs are available online.

The competition will run until 23 October 2019 and all proceeds will go towards supporting the hundreds of children of fashion and textiles families that FTCT supports each year.

The partnership began after the FTCT met SOS at the Kidz to Adults Middle exhibition for parents of disabled children in Coventry in March 2019. It quickly transpired they had worked together previously when FTCT funded an SOS P-Pod seating system for a boy called Archie in 2016. Mobility equipment is just one of the items that FTCT grants fund.

Grants for disabled children can also fund sensory equipment, courses of therapy and anything else that is deemed essential to the wellbeing of the child. To be eligible for an FTCT grant, one of the child’s parents or primary carers must have done paid work within fashion and textiles for one year within the past nine years.

SOS Inside Sales Manager Sarah Kent said:

“We believe the work which FTCT does is invaluable in our sector. FTCT’s small, dedicated team work tirelessly to ensure that as many applicants find the help that they deserve. We felt it was only right to help them in their mission to support as many children as possible.”

Anna Pangbourne, FTCT Director, said:

“We’re delighted that SOS have been generous enough to donate one of their items to help raise funds for our charity. As a funder of essential items for disabled children, we believe it makes sense to work closely with the suppliers and raise awareness among parents so that as many children as possible have access to the equipment and services they need.”