FTCT: Aim to give financial support to families in need

Anna Pangbourne, Director of London-based children’s charity the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust, is to meet a number employers from the fashion and textiles sector, including commercial laundries, to raise awareness of FTCT’s work and encourage families across the region to apply for grants towards essential items for their children.

Anna’s week of visits is part of a national strategy to visit local ‘hotspots’ around the UK. These areas have been identified based on high numbers of local families who are potentially eligible for support from the charity, due to large numbers of fashion and textile employers, parents facing imminent job losses and high-levels of child poverty in the region.

FTCT grants can be used to buy school uniforms, bedroom furniture, white goods and a range of other items essential for the wellbeing of the child (aged between 0-18 years). It also supports children with additional needs with courses of therapy, sensory toys, mobility equipment and more.

FTCT: Aim to give financial support to families in need
Benji on his trike

FTCT has already supported a number of families in the Lincolnshire area, including Benji’s. Benji has a rare genetic condition, which meant his mother Stephanie had to give up work at NEXT to look after him full-time. FTCT was able to support the family with a grant to pay for school uniforms and bedroom furniture. More recently, FTCT was able to support the family again with a grant towards a mobility trike for Benji.

Stephanie said:

“This trike allows him to have independence, happiness and be able to play with his brother and friends without having someone right there holding him up. The look on his face is just incredible. From start to finish with FTCT I was made feel welcome, comfortable with whoever I spoke to and felt as though the team really cared about my family.”

Anna Pangbourne, Director, FTCT said:

“We know that there are families across Lincolnshire who would benefit so much from an FTCT grant. As a small team, we’ve always relied on the support of local employers, politicians and community groups to spread the word about our work. I’m excited to visit Lincolnshire and build some great relationships with local groups, with the ultimate aim of supporting more fashion and textile families in need from around the region.”

In a week of visits around Lincolnshire, Anna is currently due to visit:

· Laundry company Micronclean (conducting three working sites across the region)

· Laundry company Jacksons Workwear (site visit).

· Councillor Helena Mair, Children and Young People Advocate

· St Andrew’s Hospice

· Fashion retailers in the Waterside and St Marks Shopping Centre

Anna is also keen to set up more meetings with relevant parties while she is in the region. If anyone would like to set this up, they can email anna@ftct.org.uk to arrange.