Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

From Heart to Art: Designed To Be Kind’s inspiring partnership with #UKCharityWeek

In a heartwarming collaboration aimed at supporting charitable organisations, has partnered with UK Charity Week to provide a wealth of campaign assets to participating causes. 

The initiative will equip charity organisations and the campaign with much-needed resources, enabling them to effectively promote their causes before, during, and after UK Charity Week (4-8 December 2023).

Designed To Be Kind, a creative design agency committed to charitable causes, is positively impacting the nonprofit sector. Bex Toms, is the founder and driving force behind Designed To Be Kind. Her business aims to assist charities in enhancing their visual identity and communicating their missions. Bex says that design can be a powerful tool in amplifying social impact.

Bex says that design can be a powerful tool in amplifying social impact. Speaking to Charity Today, Bex said: 

“Designed To Be Kind has a mission to create an impact through design. When talking with Lee, I immediately saw an opportunity to give back to the organisations making a difference in our society. We believe that by providing charities with professionally designed assets, we can help them raise awareness and funds more effectively. UK Charity Week is a valuable and much-loved campaign.

UK Charity Week is an annual celebration of the charitable sector in the UK. Online and in-person, it works as a fantastic platform and opportunity for charities to unite, share their stories, and engage the public in their work.

UK Charity Week Founder Mr Rayment, also the editor of Charity Today, recognises the immense value of well-crafted design assets for charities participating in UK Charity Week. He said: 

“Charities often face resource constraints that hinder their ability to create compelling marketing materials for UK Charity Week. This partnership with Bex and Designed To Be Kind means that these charities will have access to some impactful assets. It will enable them to stand out, convey their missions clearly, and maximise their reach during UK Charity Week.”

The partnership between Designed To Be Kind and UK Charity Week is a testament to the power of willing collaboration.

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