Saturday, 25 June 2022
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Saturday, 25 June 2022

Free business help for the charity sector

BRISTOL-based marketing expert, Ros Conkie, is offering her unique marketing strategy workshop free to charities, community interest companies and social enterprises.

In the same way that businesses have had to adapt to cope with the social distancing rules suddenly, charities are also having to adapt. So many charities rely on fundraising events, like the London Marathon, to raise the money they need to survive. With all these events cancelled and charity shops all closed, nonprofits are being forced to be creative about how they raise money, promote their services, and recruit volunteers.

Marketing is all about encouraging people to make a decision. That decision might be to spend money buying a product, to give money to a cause, to give their time in service to others, or to make use of a service. For every decision, marketing tools and techniques can be used to support that person’s decision-making process,

It doesn’t matter if your ‘customer’ isn’t actually buying anything – they’re still deciding to ‘buy-in’ to your organisation and your services. There is still an exchange of value taking place. For a donor, they are giving their money in exchange for the gratifying feeling of making the world a better place. For a volunteer, they are giving their time and energy in exchange for the same positive feeling as well as for the experience and possibly the learning and social opportunities too. For a service user, they are giving their time and energy in exchange for free services.

The self-guided online course will enable participants to create a basic strategy and a one-page marketing plan that will facilitate confident marketing decisions.

The course covers five topics that include who the marketing is aimed at, value proposition, what the marketing needs to achieve, customer journey and planning.

Ros said:

“The process I take people through is just as valuable if your ‘customer’ is a donor, a volunteer or a service user. The outcome of the online workshop will give charities clarity on how they can adapt to survive this pandemic.”

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