Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Family raise over £3,000 for Chatsworth Walk event in support of Sheffield Children’s

On Sunday 25th June, 350 people attended The Chatsworth Walk in support of The Children’s Hospital Charity. Together they raised over £17,000 for Sheffield Children’s, helping to change children’s lives.

One team that attended were the family of six-year-old Amin from Scunthorpe.

Amin was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in April 2023, after his mum spotted a lump in his armpit.

Mum, Nusrat, said:

“It’s never any parent’s dream scenario and when we got the diagnosis, we really weren’t expecting it. So far, Amin has had two rounds of chemotherapy and has stayed at Sheffield Children’s following both. The staff there were incredible, and really supported us through what’s been a really difficult time.”

The care Amin has received inspired his mum and his aunts to find a way to give back. When Nusrat’s sister, Safina, saw that the Charity’s Chatsworth Walk was coming up, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to support a cause so close to their hearts.

Chatsworth Walk is an annual event held by The Children’s Hospital Charity at the beautiful Chatsworth Estate. Walkers chose 3km or 10km routes, taking in the scenery while raising money for the Charity. This year, comedian Nathan Black compered the event and participants were led in a warm-up by gym group, Firehouse Fitness.

On the day, Amin, Nusrat and their supporters were named this year’s top fundraisers, having raised an amazing £3,007!

After having decided to attend the Chatsworth Walk the family sent their fundraising page to their contacts, hoping to raise £250. Within one hour they had raised £1,000 and it just kept growing from there.

From colleagues to their mosque and local churches, they were overwhelmed by the whole community around them coming together to offer support.

Family raise over £3,000 for Chatsworth Walk event in support of Sheffield Children’s

Nusrat said:

“As a parent, you kind of have to keep going on with life and it almost becomes part of your everyday. But, with this fundraising, it’s felt like everyone’s come along with us and I don’t have to explain every time I see someone what is happening.”

The fundraising by Amin’s family, and everyone who attended Chatsworth Walk, will help to change lives at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The Children’s Hospital Charity supports Sheffield Children’s by funding enhancements over and above the NHS provision. Events like Chatsworth help to fund vital projects, like the new helipad, which is currently being built on top of the hospital.

Amin’s experience at Sheffield Children’s inspired his family to take on the challenge.

Nusrat said:

“Our time at Sheffield Children’s really opened my eyes about the compassion, love and support you receive from their staff. I was overwhelmed by the love and kindness that we got. The staff treated Amin like one of their own and they gave him gift packs and toys to help make his stay more comfortable.”

You can still donate to Amin’s fundraising here:

To find out more about The Children’s Hospital Charity visit their website:


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