Thursday, 20 June 2024
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Thursday, 20 June 2024

Everfund announce Silicon Valley Billionaire Tom Preston-Werner as latest investor

2021 gets off to a flying start for Lincoln-based tech-for-good startup Everfund with their latest investor, American Billionaire, and software entrepreneur Tom Preston-Werner.

Preston-Werner’s investment into Everfund is only his second venture into the UK. He plans to make himself available to coach and advise the young entrepreneurs on how best to scale their business. His investment is made ahead of Everfund’s new pre-seed investment round and will play a big part in securing the company’s expected and swift growth plans.

With Preston-Werner on board, Everfund are now able to scale their unique charity donation platform in line with the needs of charities where, as a sector, they are facing a shortfall of £10bn of funding due to the pandemic. Now in a position to not only attract some of the largest charities but to be able to process millions of pounds of donations,
Everfund will be able to use their platform for processing donations at a direct cost saving of up to six times less than they are currently paying with services from well-known names like JustGiving.

Co-founders of Everfund, Will De Ath, said:

“Tom recently founded a new open-source Javascript framework called Redwood.js which we have built most of Everfund in and being one of the first commercial uses of his new framework, Tom recognised our contributions to the open-source project and recognised our commercial use within charity fundraising as something worth investing into and supporting with his personal time.”

Having trialled the software platform with numerous local charities, including St. Barnabas and Betel for Britain, the team are able to provide qualitative and quantitative statistics to demonstrate the impressive cost savings and high performance for the processing of donations for the charity.

The exciting next stage for the company is to share Everfund with national charities throughout the early part of 2021 and ultimately on an international stage by 2022 to help them bounce back from the pandemic’s detrimental effects.

Everfund co-founder Christopher Burns said:

“I’m overwhelmed that Tom offered to invest in us after we introduced Everfund and the
opportunity of working alongside one of the most pivotal developers in the software industry will help take the business to scale and move our growth strategy forward even more rapidly.”


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