Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

Ethical Angel aims to help charities get the skills they need from the private sector

COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for Ethical Angel, an employee engagement engine that combines personalised volunteering and e-learning to benefit people, planet and profit.

Ethical Angel has completed two funding rounds raising capital from venture capital, private investors and the Business Bank and continues to sign up new, and larger businesses as members.

It has provided the Ethical Angel team with the freedom to rethink employee volunteering, and how best for charities to get what they need from the private sector. Since May 2020, Ethical Angel’s Development Team have been working on it’s ‘next-generation technology’ and with its deployment in October 2020 will come some monumental shifts in charities access support.

From the start, Ethical Angel has moved away from volunteer brokerage, giving charities a unique shopping experience, where they can browse and then order the support they need (all without ever spending a penny).

They have also done away with long sign-up processes, admin and other aspects that typically waste time and energy and improved project delivery and automatic reporting like Gift in Kind.

Here is Alexander Fahie, Ethical Angel’s Founder and CEO with an introduction to the platform:

As Ethical Angel creates and curates all the project types (up to 720), they aim to make it easy for causes to discover lots of things that may benefit them. It also means that causes don’t need to be experts in the subjects they are asking for support with, as Ethical Angel does all the quality control.

The final benefit with this approach is expectation alignment, Ethical Angel makes it clear what an angel (employee from a member business) needs to do, and by when… freeing up causes from time-consuming volunteer management.

All in all, it is a total transformation, and crucially sustainable as the businesses they work with, (organisations like BP, Barclays, etc.) love it and want to sign up more of their people.

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