Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Erskine Veterans fall silent in remembrance of those who gave their lives in Service

TODAY Erskine Veterans, from the safety and privacy of their care homes, fell silent remembering those who gave their lives in Service. And, at the memorial stone of The Erskine Home in Bishopton, Chief Executive Wing Commander Ian Cumming MBE joined them in the silence, in remembrance of those who sacrificed so much.

In a private service, in strict accordance with current guidelines, the two-minute silence followed Binyon’s words “For the Fallen”.  Wreaths were laid on behalf of; Her Majesty The Queen; The Lord Provost, Councillors and residents of Renfrewshire; Erskine residents, staff and cottage tenants; the Erskine Activity Centre; local schools Clydebank High, Park Mains High School and Bishopton Primary School as well as Faslane Naval Base.

At Bishopton Cemetery, where many Erskine Veterans have been laid to rest over the years, wreaths were laid on behalf of Erskine and Dr Tom McFadyen, Erskine’s Chief Medical Officer for 25 years.

Erskine Veterans fall silent in remembrance of those who gave their lives in Service
Erskine Home Remembrance Service. Photograph credit: Jamie Williamson

Wing Commander Ian Cumming said:

“Erskine would hope that any politicised defender or decrier of The Poppy, could look at the emotion on our Veterans’ faces, and suddenly realise that regardless of their own political position, they neither own The Poppy nor truly understand what that little red flower means to Erskine Veterans. They would surely have to concede that they can’t really speak for any of us regarding the Poppy’s relevance to Erskine or the wider military and Veteran Family across the country.

“At Erskine, we will continue to wear that little red flower. Our Remembrance Services will honour the sacrifices of all who were lost or wounded, during wars of national survival in Europe, or subsequent military and peacekeeping operations around the world. We care for those who returned, to remember those who did not with heartfelt hope of enduring peace.”


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