Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

Equipment and time donated to Yorda Adventures, helping children with learning disabilities

On behalf of Surrey Freemasons, Steve Norris and Steve Butwell visited Yorda Adventures in Chessington, to donate equipment for their wooded children’s adventure area. Items donated include tents, pots & pans, lights, table, windbreak and even an oven.

Yorda Adventures is a Chessington based, not-for-profit community organisation, which provides engaging and stimulating play projects, for children and young people with severe learning disabilities, in and around the Borough of Kingston. The outdoor equipment is, therefore, a valuable addition, which extends the range of adventure-play which they will now be able to offer their children.

Steve Norris, who oversees the Surrey Freemasons Charity Team, said:

“It was such a lovely sunny morning, and wonderful to see so many happy children enjoying the wild adventure area. It was great to chat with Laura Smyth, CEO and founder of Yorda, as she is so enthusiastic and passionate about what she does.”

During the visit, Laura discussed various challenges that they (…and many other charities) face in these difficult times.

Laura also mentioned that they are really hoping to make use of a strip of wasteland, which is located beside Yorda Adventures. She says they have outlined their plans to the local Council, which includes organising a work party to clear the wasteland, then return it to a state where they can move in, to expand what they do with the children. Whilst at the time of visit Yorda was still waiting for the Council to get back to them, Laura, as is her nature, is hopeful for a positive outcome.

Laura also mentioned, in passing, that she was waiting to have Yorda’s windows cleaned. On hearing this, Steve Butwell volunteered to clean their windows, inside and out, to save them spending money that could otherwise be used to support their children.

After the visit, Laura wrote:

“Thank you so much for all the amazing camping goodies!! We are quite overwhelmed with delight by them.

“With all of the uncertainty in the world right now your generosity of kindness and humanity means even more.

“Thank you also for your truly kind offer of cleaning our windows. This will be incredible and save us a lot of money.

“Thank you both, and Surrey Freemasons, for your ongoing support.”

Steve says that Freemasonry has taught him that charity is not just about money, but also about all of the many other little things we can do, which may be easy for us, but have great value to others.

Yorda Adventures was set up in by Laura Smyth in 2005. Being a non-profit organisation, they are reliant on donations and grants from others, to enable them to continue the good work they are doing, for children with special needs, in the local community.

More information is available at:

Surrey Freemasons are one of many local community groups who regularly reach out to help local charities, organisations, and people in need, and is proud of the extensive charitable work being done by Lodges and members across Surrey.

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