Tuesday, 25 June 2024
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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Engineering charity launches a new app offering legal and money advice

FOOTHOLD, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Benevolent Fund, is launching its own app, offering up-to-date legal and financial advice.

The Foothold app, launching today, offers the latest advice on legal and financial matters. The app has been developed in partnership with Law Express, one of the UK’s leading providers of independent advice, guidance and information.

Foothold’s CEO Jane Petit said:

“We have had a really successful partnership with Law Express over many years, helping thousands of IET members with legal queries covering a broad range of topics such as employment, wills and probate and property issues. The Law Express fact sheets that are available through our website sometimes answered people’s queries, and where this wasn’t the case we funded a call through to their legal helpline for more detailed advice.

“One area that hasn’t been included in the fact sheets is support with money, debt and benefits advice, as regulation in these areas can easily become out of date. So we are really excited that with the launch of the Foothold app we can now provide this advice and know that it is constantly kept up to date by Law Express and their partners at the Money Advice Service.

“We’re looking forward to supporting even more people through the new app, continuing with our mission to improve the well-being of engineers and their families worldwide.”

Impact of coronavirus

Given the continuing lack of clarity around legal rights during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures, many people are looking for straightforward, up-to-date guidance on their rights in the workplace and other areas of life. Legal advice on the Foothold app covers both UK and EU law, making essential information accessible to the engineering community at large.

The financial advice featured on the app incorporates information on debt, mortgages, benefits, as well as paying for care. With more than half of UK employers planning redundancies, household finances are insecure for many. Since the start of coronavirus pandemic in March, Foothold has paid out more than £168,000 in emergency grants to engineers and their families in the UK and abroad.

Foothold’s Services and Development manager Denice Houslin adds: “At a time when people are concerned about many issues, including work and money, this app will give them the ability to have, at their fingertips, important information that could help alleviate their worries or concerns. This will especially be helpful when they need information quickly to make decisions, or access further support they might need.”

Expanding support

In the last financial year, around 55% of Foothold’s support involved a legal query. The new app is an innovative, more efficient way of delivering this support to the community of engineers worldwide.

Law Express Client Services Director Jilly Sainsbury-Bow said:

“Law Express has been supporting the engineering community with our legal helpline, providing advice and guidance for over fifteen years. We are delighted to enhance the service with the launch of the Foothold App. This exciting development provides useful legal fact sheets that cover the subjects that we are frequently asked about, enabling people to have information from a trusted supplier at their fingertips.”

The Foothold app is available for free download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store now.


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