Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home opened four new exercise runs in our large paddock at the end of June. These bespoke spaces have been designed to provide green space for our staff to exercise and train our dogs, in addition to conducting outdoor rehoming visits, which best show off the animals’ potential and personality.
Some of the home’s furry residents enjoying the new runs

These new spaces will allow our dogs to spend more time outside, receiving more physical and mental stimulation. This will help to reduce kennel stress and ensure that each dog receives the training they require, giving them the best opportunity to find a loving, forever home.

The exercise spaces have been constructed with nervous dogs in mind, with a separate entrance to ensure minimal interaction between animals. The runs themselves can be viewed from the Seafield end of Portobello promenade, allowing the dogs some extra socialisation and a lovely sea view!

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home were able to open these new runs with the generous support of the John and Alice Watson’s Charitable Trust, who generously awarded a grant of £120,000 for the project.

Some of the home’s furry residents enjoying the new runs

Howard Bridges, CEO at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home said:

“We are immensely grateful to the John and Alice Watson’s Charitable Trust for making possible this vital project to redevelop our exercise paddocks. Before now our main paddock – which our supporters will know well from our annual open day – was one large greenspace. With staff and animal safety being our highest priority, we can often only exercise one dog in a given space at a time, so this meant there were often queues at the door to get in and give the animals a much-needed run-around.

“Thanks to this generous donation, we can now exercise and train up to five dogs at one time in this space, meaning that our animals are benefitting from more vital stimulation and breaks from the stresses of kennel life. We can also use these runs as space to meet potential new owners. Meeting in an outdoor space will allow customers to play and interact with a dog, enabling them to see the animal’s full personality and potential.

“What’s more, the additional space will allow us to take on more kennel volunteers to walk the dogs and provide our full-time staff with time to give attention to the animals that are in need of special care or training. All of this will ultimately better prepare them for when they leave us for their new lives in loving forever homes.”

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home staff and residents were joined at the opening ceremony by representatives of the John and Alice Watson’s Charitable Trust.

To learn more about our animals and how you can support the Home by visiting edch.org.uk or call 0131 669 5331