Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home: Our (lucky) Star finds a forever home

You may recall our urgent appeal earlier this year to find our longest-serving resident, Star, a forever home. His story was shared by media outlets and social media across the globe and captured the hearts of millions. We are happy that we can now report that our previously ‘un-lucky’ Star has finally found his forever home!

Star, a seven-and-a-half-year-old Staffie, spent more than 1,800 days – around five years –  at the Home after being found tied up behind a rundown building. Our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to help Star overcome the physical and mental neglect he had experienced and worked with him on behavioural training, but there was just one thing missing – a loving forever home.

Graeme Webb, a professional photographer from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, saw Star’s appeal and just knew he had to meet him.

Graeme said:

“After seeing Star on social media, and seeing he was still available after thousands and thousands of views, I thought to myself, ‘why is no one taking him?’, so I decided I’d go and see him for myself. When I saw how happy and friendly he was, I decided he was the one for me.”

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home: Our (lucky) Star finds a forever home
Star prepares to leave Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home with his new dad Graeme Webb

Following several visits with Star, the Home’s kennel staff were convinced it was a perfect match and so the rehoming process began. The UK’s ‘unluckiest dog’ had finally found a family of his own and is settling in perfectly.

Graeme added:

“Eating is his favourite thing to do. He also loves playing with a football, so we are either out in the back garden, or we go to a freedom field close by, where he can run around as much as he wants off the lead.”

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Director of Operations/Deputy to the CEO, Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine said:

“Everyone at the Home couldn’t be happier that Star has finally found his forever family. To see the way he looks at his new dad with such trust and love makes the long search for Star worth it.

“Star is an example of our team’s love, passion and dedication to not only caring for him and training him but in also finding him a forever home — this is an organisational-wide movement. Our never-ending pursuit when there is hope for a home is something that continues to inspire and move me.”

For more information about rehoming a dog or cat from Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, please visit: https://www.edch.org.uk/rehome-pet or visit 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh EH15 1EH.