Tuesday, 23 April 2024
Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Edinburgh developer hopes ‘Netflix of training’ sparks industry revolution

As the UK third sector counts the cost of the financial and practical impact of the coronavirus pandemic, an Edinburgh-based technology firm has unveiled an online platform that bosses believe will drastically reduce a business’s training costs while providing ready-made content to update staff on new COVID-19-related health and hygiene requirements.

Tayl, a platform developed by Azilo Training, developers of the Azilo software used by more than 5000 care professionals across the UK, caters for all industries and could, it is claimed, dramatically undercut the cost of established online training providers.

Graeme Scott, CEO of Azilo Training, says its breadth and affordability could see the platform viewed as the Netflix of training providers.

He said:

“Film buffs used to spend £30-40 per month renting videos; now, Netflix provides a huge variety of content for less than a tenner a month. Likewise, companies and organisations of all sizes across the UK are paying hugely overinflated prices to train their staff, but we’re looking to take the market to where it should be, providing an all-under-one-roof range of programmes that are affordable.

“We can bring a business’s costs right down and make it easy for them to update their training programmes for staff. A typical hospitality group in Edinburgh, training staff in the office and in front and back of house, would be spending around £18,000 a year with their current provider; we can bring that cost down to around £1200.”

The platform’s ‘course builder’ technology contains dozens of training programme templates filed by type and by industry. A separate area allows managers and HR teams to manage staff, assign training tasks to individuals, and maintain a database of staff and their progress on courses.

Edinburgh developer hopes 'Netflix of training' sparks industry revolution
Graeme Scott and Steve Johnson of Azilo Training Ltd.

A limited free version allows users to gain an obligation-free feel for the software. Tiered paid-for plans start at around £20 per month and rise to around £75, with the increase in cost opening up a greater variety of training courses and access by more administrators within a business.

Scott continues:

“In contrast to existing providers, the service does not become more expensive for larger businesses and remains affordable to even the smallest businesses.

“Our competitors are offering platforms that many businesses find expensive and difficult to use. We’re doing it our own way. The market is being rapidly redefined and a lot of people are now realising that it’s productive for people to work from home. We are facilitating that change in culture, simulating training that would typically take place in the office and helping businesses look after those employees working from home with guidance on themes such as suitable chair types, ideal seating postures, and structuring your work-at-home day. We recognise that businesses are adapting to ensure the correct use of PPE by staff and adopting new hygiene practices, so there are templates to convey those kinds of directives.”

Scott previously developed Azilo, a successful training platform accessed by more than 5000 staff at children’s nurseries across the UK. His new venture combines the successful elements of that software with the broader themes of training required within multiple fields of industry.

Scott said:

“With Tayl, you could develop a training procedure in the morning, film simple exemplars on your mobile phone, and be training people in the afternoon. Ultimately, a business can tweak the appearance of the platform so it is consistent with their own branding and modify the content to reflect their own practices and show images of their own workplace.

“At the heart of what we are doing is an emphasis on making it easy, even for those who are not tech-savvy, to create professional-looking content and access a database that will make it easy to manage the training aspect of running any business.”

Edinburgh tour company Haggis Adventures have already signed up to use the Tayl platform. Douglas Johnson, operations manager of Haggis Adventures, said:

“We love using the app. By transferring all our training to Tayl we removed a rainforest worth of paperwork. It’s far more enjoyable for our tour guides to engage with quizzes and videos than read thousands of words that go in one ear and out the other. From reversing a coach to filling out expense forms, our team even get involved and make videos and build the courses themselves.”

To trial Tayl, visit tayl.net. For more information, email hello@tayl.net


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