Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

Dorton College starts the academic year in their new space

BLIND and partially sighted students at RSBC Dorton College are enjoying their new College Hub at the LSEC Orpington Campus building. 

RSBC Dorton College is the only specialist college for vision-impaired young people (aged 16-25) in the southeast. The College has been steadily increasing student numbers at Orpington. This year they have 20 vision-impaired students: achieving their target number of students two years ahead of schedule. The new space will provide for further growth in future years.

The College has been based at the LSEC Orpington Campus building for some time, but this year has taken a much larger space on the 4th floor, which has been fitted out specially to meet the needs of their vision-impaired students. As well as classrooms, there is a large room for group activities, an independent living skills area including a kitchen equipped with cooking and washing facilities, and a student common room.

The students attending RSBC Dorton College are supported by a team of specialist education team including Qualified Teachers of (the) Vision Impaired and specialist Learning Support Assistants. The students combine their time at the College Hub with time at their mainstream partnership colleges where they can take a wide range of courses supported by RSBC Dorton College staff. 

Josie Grainger-Francova, the Principal of RSBC Dorton College said:

“We are excited to welcome the students for the new academic year in this spacious, well-equipped space in an area, and in a building, which is already familiar to many. 

“The team has worked tirelessly over the summer to have the space ready for the students. Colours have been chosen to provide good contrast, layouts have been created which will make the space easy to navigate and the equipment in the independent life skills area will help the students to develop essential skills. Overall, we have created a space which reflects their needs – a space where they can come together to learn, socialise and enjoy college life. Over their time at RSBC Dorton College, we will support them to build the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions.” 

One of the students who is returning to the College for his second year is Lee. He said:

“RSBC Dorton College was already a great place to study, but the new space we have this year will make it even better. 

“The team has thought a lot about how to make it accessible to vision-impaired students like me. They have done a great job and I can’t wait to get chilling in the Common Room – and working hard as well!”

To learn more about RSBC Dorton College and what it offers vision-impaired young people visit, telephone 020 3198 0225, or email 


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