Donate4Refugees: Ramadan in a Refugee Camp

Can you imagine Ramadan in a Refugee Camp? Fasting when you’re already tired and malnourished. Iftar, breaking fast each night, with ration food that was given out throughout the day as normal, but has now been sitting in the hot sun, or inside a sweltering tent, for hours. Praying without a Mosque, prayer mats, the Quran.

This Ramadan we are proud to be supporting our inspiring partner, grassroots volunteer group ‘Refugee Biriyani and Bananas’ with a grant of £1000 towards a very special Ramadan Appeal. It’s to help the 1500 men, women and children living in the isolated Vial Refugee Camp on the island of Chios.

Coordinating this kind of aid isn’t easy! Being in the UK and raising funds, accepting donations, transporting, sourcing, buying, delivering, sorting, and finally distributing to those in need – who are 1500 miles away living in a Refugee Camp. But that’s exactly what Ruhi Akhtar, with some heart-warming support in Greece and the UK, is achieving. #TogetherForRefugees

Ruhi said:

“Ramazan Mubarak Everyone

“As promised we are working on our first delivery and distribution of Ramadan specific items for all of our brothers and sisters in Vial refugee camp, Chios.

“Big thank you to all donors and supporters. Together we have been able to buy 35 x 5kg= 175kg boxes of dates and are in the process of buying juice and a lapel mic and speaker for the evening prayers in camp.

Donate4Refugees: Ramadan in a Refugee Camp

“Dates are a staple fruit of the Middle East having been in cultivation for thousands of years. Traditionally, dates are known as the food Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ate when he broke his fast.

“During the period of Ramadan, when fasting lasts from sunrise to sunset, the body can develop mild health problems such as headaches, low blood sugar, and lethargy. Dates are an excellent source of fibre, sugar, magnesium, potassium, and have carbohydrates which will aid the body in maintaining health. Thus these will be provided for all residents of the camp, from all backgrounds.

“Thank you to Kostas Tanainis (Chios People’s Kitchen) who helped source, secure and deliver the order, and the entire Volunteer for Refugees – Chios Greece – Iris Center team – Janne Hegna, Amir Sharify, Prince Baktash Hadis, Mukhtiar Badshah, Rabiullah Stanikzai, Behnam Afg, Abu Mohamed who received, sorted and packed all the items, and are on their way to distribute these now.

Donate4Refugees: Ramadan in a Refugee Camp

“Whilst here in England I am so super humbled by the efforts of sister Yasmin Ishaq. When she saw we were trying to buy Qurans and Prayer mats for Vial Camp she decided to donate them – 400 prayer mats and 200 Qurans. Having only come back from an intense aid delivery mission to Calais and Dunkirk she drove down south from Sheffield to meet Angus Clark who, in conjunction with Brian Donnelly, have arranged for these to be sent on a pallet of aid in such a short time.

“Thanks to my brother Ahmed Al Shebli who has been running around for days and to many shops to find the right speaker and mike – which he just informed me he found now!

“Dates = €475 per week
Juice = €70-80 per week
Shipping Qurans = £180
Lapel mic and speaker = Approx €55
Plastic bags, cups, gloves and other items for packaging.”

There is so much love shown by every person involved who is working so hard to help Ramadan be the special celebration for Vial Camp that it should be.

Thank you to all of you – our donors and supporters – for allowing us to support such wonderful humanity.

Donate4Refugees raises money to give grants and emergency funds to trusted, inspiring grassroots volunteers who are on-the-ground helping refugees across Europe.

There are more than 25 million refugees in the world. A number that is unprecedented in world history. In Europe, there are 100,000’s men, women and children suffering appalling living conditions in Refugee Camps and on the streets. We cannot simply stand by and watch a humanitarian disaster happen on our doorstep and in our lifetime.

Donate4Refugees: Ramadan in a Refugee Camp

We must respond to people’s basic human needs. Through our grants and emergency funds we help make living conditions for asylum seekers and refugees more bearable and, together, we’ve touched the lives of 10,000’s people. Volunteers have been aptly described as ‘lights in very dark places.’ We’re making a difference and we’d love you to join us.