Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Domestic abuse campaigner urges charity sector to support workforces

Charity sector organisations, including, public sector bodies, CICs and social enterprises are invited to attend a virtual training workshop to find out how they can do more to support their workplaces on the issue of domestic abuse. 

Hosted by Yorkshire-based business coach, trainer, author, and domestic abuse campaigner, Ros Jones, the online workshop has been tailored for professionals in the third sector.

Ms Jones, the founder of the Speaking Out: Domestic Abuse in the Workplace Summit and co-founder of the Yorkshire Business Charter on Domestic Abuse is aiming to make more organisations take a proactive position on domestic abuse by creating supportive, educated and aware workplaces.

Ros said:

“With 1 in 5 men and women experiencing domestic abuse, this is an issue that will impact organisations whether they are aware of it or not. Less than 5% of organisations have a policy relating to domestic abuse and it remains a taboo subject for many. By talking about domestic abuse and educating workplaces on what they can do to support their colleagues and workforce, we are making the issue one people don’t need to feel shame, fear or guilt about.”

Scheduled to coincide with No More Week, a national event dedicated to fostering dialogue on domestic abuse, the online workshop will be held on the 5th March, 10am-12pm and aims to equip attendees with essential knowledge and tools to support their workforce effectively.

This 2-hour session promises participants to leave with a comprehensive understanding of why domestic abuse is a workplace concern, the legal obligations, and actionable strategies to support their workforce. Additionally, all attendees will receive access to invaluable resources and a complimentary HR Domestic Abuse policy template, devised by an HR professional with specialised knowledge in this area.

To book the event, or to find out more about the Business Charter on Domestic Abuse, please click here.


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