Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Dogs Trust Worldwide helping tackle dog fighting in South Africa in latest round of grants

DOGS Trust Worldwide has confirmed it will continue to support the South African National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) in its efforts to tackle dogfighting in the country. 

The South African NSPCA is reporting rising levels of animal abuse as a side-effect of COVID-19 and seeing unprecedented violence against them.

Dogs Trust Worldwide has supported the NSPCA’s work in South Africa through its International Grants Programme since 2018 and recently approved a further grant.

Applications are still open for other charitable organisations to similarly apply for a grant from Dogs Trust Worldwide, with the next deadline less than a week away (10 May).

Karen Reed from Dogs Trust Worldwide said:

“Dogs Trust Worldwide was set up in 2016, so we could continue the great work of Dogs Trust overseas. A big part of what we do is our International Grants Programme, through which we support in-country partners to help improve dog welfare across the world.

“The NSPCA’s Special Investigations Unit focuses on investigating underground dogfighting and has undertaken the highest number of successful dog fight raids in the country. They have seen a wave of nationwide demand for their skills from veterinary clinics, animal welfare organisations and the public.

“Dogs Trust Worldwide has been a supporter of the NSPCA since 2018 and is committed to helping them bring an end to cruel dogfighting across South Africa. Our support is increasing their capacity and ability to react to intelligence immediately, which is having a direct impact on the number of dogs they rescue, along with arrests and the prosecution of perpetrators.

“Alongside their own cases, the guidance and assistance the NSPCA are providing to other organisations in identifying dogfighting activities, and maturing cases is also seeing results.

“We continue to be in awe of the Special Investigations Unit’s commitment to bringing those involved in this barbaric cruelty to justice and preventing more innocent dogs from facing the same treatment.”

Wendy Wilson, Senior Inspector Manager of the Special Investigations Unit, said: 

“It has been our absolute pleasure to have Dogs Trust Worldwide as a partner to the NSPCA Special Investigations Unit over the past three years. It is with the deepest gratitude that I say thank you for helping us to accomplish what we have. Without the support and encouragement of Dogs Trust Worldwide, many of the unit’s successful raids and amazing rescues would just not have been possible.”

Dogs Trust Worldwide is currently supporting 41 groups whose work includes: catch, neuter, vaccinate, return (CNVR) projects for street dogs; educating children to be safe around dogs; carrying out rabies vaccination campaigns; and providing subsidised vet treatment to low-income groups, in countries including Russia, Bali, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Dogs Trust Worldwide will support well-governed work taking place outside of the UK and Ireland and well-planned projects that have the potential to make a strong impact. The charity will take applications for innovative projects that other organisations can learn from and that contribute towards encouraging responsible dog ownership or humane management of dog populations. All projects must be sustainable and make a measurable difference.

The deadline for the submission of applications for the next round of international grants is Monday, 10 May 2021.

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