Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Disability charity benefits from BBC Children in Need funding

North London charity, CPotential, has received a further grant from BBC Children in Need to fund Conductive Education Plus (CE+) therapy programmes for pre-school children.

These new funds will be used to continue providing subsidised sessions to some of the UK’s most disadvantaged families. As part of the bursary supported programmes, parents and carers of children with movement disorders are provided with as much advice and support as possible with access to complementary therapies, wellbeing courses, educational and healthcare plan advice, counselling and fundraising for specialist care not available on the NHS.

Disability charity benefits from BBC Children in Need funding
Rohan monkey bar

Conductive Education (CE) is a specialist rehabilitation method that is child-focused and aimed at helping children gain the vital skills they need as they grow. These interactive sessions are for pre-school children (0 – 5) with movement disorders due to conditions such as cerebral palsy, global developmental delay or acquired brain injury. Each tailored session can help your child develop mobility, communication and build confidence and independence.

Brett Parker, CEO of CPotential, said:

“The money we receive from donations each year enables us to work with a wide range of children and families, and especially those who might find it challenging to reach us otherwise. We are committed to helping families regardless of their circumstances, and we’re grateful for the support of BBC Children in Need and other donors that enables us to continue doing this.”

Disability charity benefits from BBC Children in Need funding
Ivy and Will

One of the children supported by CPotential is Ivy, aged 4 years. When her parents found out their daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, they were devastated and felt completely lost without any direction. Since working with the charity, Ivy has reached goals her parents would never have expected.

Mum Valentina said:

“CPotential’s job doesn’t end when the session is over as they empower us with so much knowledge that we can take home and carry on helping Ivy when we are not there. The advice, support and care we receive is priceless, and the variety of activities is endless, making them a 360 facility where they can help every aspect of Ivy’s difficulties.”

To find out more information about CPotential services and to register your interest in their September CE+ bursary programme, please visit: or email


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