Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Disability Action Yorkshire learners thriving on lockdown distant learning lessons

YOUNG disabled people studying at a Harrogate charity are thriving on their ‘lockdown’ distant learning lessons.

And so popular are the Disability Action Yorkshire classes – being held on ‘Slack’ – that learners are even submitting assignments, and asking for more, on weekends.

A total of 30 learners are undertaking a number of accredited courses including cookery, animal care, employability and life skills.

And whilst the majority are continuing with subjects started before the charity’s Hornbeam Park training centre was forced to shut, others are enrolling onto new courses, including hospitality and health and beauty.

The homeschooling has also been of particular benefit to students who had previously found it challenging to learn in a classroom setting.

Disability Action Yorkshire chief executive Jackie Snape said:

“We had a very limited window of opportunity in which to put into place our contingency plans for home learning, which is something we have never done before.

“We chose an online platform called Slack, which, together with Zoom, is proving highly effective.

“The team here upload assignments for the leaners to undertake, including recipes, for them to work through and complete. In return, the learners send back their work via photographs, video and typed documents.

“Interestingly, we are seeing learners who found it difficult to work in a class environment becoming fully engaged in these lessons.

“This has been a very fast learning curve for all of us and thanks to the team here at Disability Action Yorkshire, the learners and their parents, it is proving a great success. The learners are thriving.

“Even when we can return to the classroom, we will look at offering our courses through distant learning. This means we can enrol learners from across the whole country on to them.”

Further information about Disability Action Yorkshire, is available from its website,


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