Monday, 24 June 2024
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Monday, 24 June 2024

Digital entertainment and engagement startup offer software to charity for free

A tech startup specialising in engagement using digital entertainment is offering the use of its software to a UK charity for free for six months.

Palco is a SaaS startup helping brands and organisations improve their audience engagement. They are now inviting charities interested in exploring new ways to engage their supporter base to get in touch, with a view to offering their interactive trivia game for free for six months.

The company was set up in 2018 by Leone Crescenzi, a former tv producer, celebrity consultant and marketer. Having spent much of his career working in traditional media, Crescenzi saw how engagement with live shows on tv was falling while comparable shows on digital platforms like Twitch, Instagram and Facebook were gaining traction.

In response, he created Palco. In addition to interactive live shows, the digital entertainment specialist is also developing a fully customisable interactive trivia game. It will provide its customers with new, tailored content to share with their audiences, with machine learning capturing every interaction and providing detailed insights so they can create better, more powerful marketing campaigns.

Crescenzi said:

“Organisations and brands spend years building their audience, but it’s very hard to ‘activate’ that community and engage them fully. That’s where we come in. Palco is all about engagement. Each piece of content and software we create is geared towards improving audience engagement.”

Palco are now offering their interactive trivia game for free to a UK charity aiming to increase its supporter engagement. The chosen charity will benefit from the use of a fully branded game for six months, with the ability to customise, change and edit the questions to suit their needs. If the organisation wishes to continue using the service after the initial six-month period, Palco will offer one year’s access to MAGIQ for free. Access to the MAGIQ dashboard will allow them to profile their audience, create groups based on interests, demographics, or any other filter and import the data in a CRM for their future marketing activities. 

It is Crescenzi’s hope it will help the chosen charity engage their supporters more effectively, ultimately producing tangible impact like increased income at a time when the sector is still recovering from a challenging couple of years due to the impact of Covid-19.

Crescenzi said:

“Casual gaming has proven itself to be an incredibly effective way for big brands to engage their customers and drive sales. By offering our trivia software to a charity for free, we hope we can demonstrate this can also work in the charity sector and enable non-profits to benefit from the same approach.”

For more information about Palco, the trivia game, please visit:


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