Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Tuesday, 16 April 2024

Crewe cycling sisters to go 1010 miles for epilepsy charity

SISTERS to Cycle 1010 miles in 10 Days to Raise funds and awareness for Epilepsy Charity, Jon Shaw Foundation. 

Sisters, Isabelle and Christina Pettit, will set off on their charity endeavour cycling the 1010 miles from Lands’ End to John O Groats, 8th August, arriving on the 18th August.

Their goal is to raise awareness and funds for the Jon Shaw foundation.

Jon Shaw Foundation was set up in memory of Jon, who died on Father’s Day, aged 19, from SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) in June 2019. 600 hundred lives are lost each year that experts believe are preventable.

It aims to support young people living with epilepsy and improve bereaved siblings’ mental health and well-being while raising awareness of SUDEP.

The pair will schedule a poignant stop at Crewe, where Jon Shaw grew up, and his family operate the Charity from.

Jon’s parents will support the sisters every step of the way and meet them at John O Groats to cheer them over the finish line.

Wendy Shaw, Jon’s mother, said:

“We are so humbled that Izzie and Christina have not only sacrificed 10 days of time but also setting themselves this gruelling challenge, all those miles on a bike for Jon and his Charity! They are pretty special young ladies.

“It really means so much. It also means that we can support families bereaved from SUDEP and prevent others from losing their loved ones.”

Izzie is the partner of Jon’s s eldest brother Mike, and although the sisters never knew Jon personally, they will be cycling in Job’s honour.

Izzie said:

“I wanted to help fundraise, so we decided to take on the Lands End to John O Groats challenge. We were shocked to learn that so many epilepsy sufferers and their families are not informed about the risks of SUDEP and therefore aren’t able to take steps to reduce the risk. It’s vital to increase awareness of this so that young people affected by epilepsy can get access to the information they need to reduce the risk as much as possible.

“We both know we are capable of riding the daily distances we have planned (80 – 118 miles per day), but the challenge will be repeating that day after day, as well as the amount of climbing on some days. I’m really looking forward to the challenge, it’s definitely going to be tough mentally, getting the legs turning day after day won’t be easy.

“Keeping a steady pace is going to be key to avoiding burnout during the first days. Luckily, I have Christina to set the pace and remind me it’s not a 1-day race. I hope we get lots of support and people sponsor us. I’d love to think that we had made a difference when we cross the finish line at John O Groats.

Christina said:

“I’m both excited and nervous. I am really looking forward to riding in so many beautiful parts of the UK, especially Scotland. Although I am completely comfortable covering 100 miles or more per day, riding the distance more than 3 or 4 days in a row is an unknown and difficult to practise for, so I am definitely expecting this to be a tough challenge.

“We’ve hardly had a chance to ride together in the last year, but that doesn’t worry me, Izzie is my perfect cycling partner.”

Izzie is currently training for a full distance triathlon which includes a 112-mile cycle on top of swimming and running.

Christina has ridden a 300km route and is aiming to complete a 400km ride in preparation, also recently spent a weekend in Wales to practice riding some big climbs.

To support Isabelle and Christina’s gallant efforts, you can donate via their JustGiving page.


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