Saturday, 13 July 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Saturday, 13 July 2024

Comedian Joe Lycett lends voice to new charity video helping UK foodbanks #NotJustBakedBeans

BIRMINGHAM-born comedian and TV host, Joe Lycett, has donated his time to narrate a powerful new charity mission film for BanktheFood. The film promotes the charity’s free app which helps food banks all over the country get the supplies they need, exactly when they need them and #NotJustBakedBeans.

BanktheFood is calling on people to download the app which pings donors a list of urgently needed items from their local food bank at the most crucial time – when they arrive at the supermarket. Shoppers can then add an item to their shop and donate it at the local donation station.

There are more than 2,000 food banks in the UK, but they rely heavily on notice boards in supermarkets and ad hoc social media posts to get their needs across. These quickly become out of date and fail to reach those willing to help. The BanktheFood app tells donors exactly what foodbanks need, at the crucial time – when they enter the supermarket, making donating more effective and reducing waste and the need for costly storage.

Joe Lycett explained: 

“I was shocked to hear how many food banks there are in the UK and how much pressure they are under. Like many of us, I try to support but often feel like I’m guessing at what to buy when in the supermarket. BanktheFood is a frankly brilliant idea that will hopefully help the thousands of food banks in the UK get the supplies they need when they need them. I’m proud to support them.”

Emma Spring, CEO at BanktheFood, said: 

“We are incredibly grateful to Joe for supporting us and narrating our new mission film. It’s no secret that food banks urgently need donations to help the community. But often generous donors unintentionally donate the same items. BanktheFood is a charity on a mission to ensure food banks have the right balance of what they need when they need it. The BanktheFood app ensures donations are #NotJustBakedBeans. We hope as many people as possible will use the app.”

View #NotJustBakedBeans and download the app, visit:


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