UK Charity Week Founder Lee Rayment
It’s a brief update this #charitytuesday, but an interesting one all the same.

During the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about how to repay some of the charities that continue to support the publication and its projects. By support I mean, sharing articles we publish for them, sharing details of UK Charity Week and generally collaborate instead of just being on the take.

Over the years, I’ve ascertained that a few (only a few) charities simply struggle with the very basic concept of collaboration, and can you believe, even supporting their supporters!


‘To work jointly on an activity or project.’

Forever the optimist, I believe that there’s an opportunity in everything, and for us, this situation is no different! I’ve decided to disregard the ignorant and show our charity partners how highly we regard their efforts. 

I have therefore concluded that my monthly donations will now only be made at random to an Official Partner Charity of UK Charity Week. The only stipulation being that you must be a registered partner, this will be a personal decision based purely upon the charity’s correspondence and collaborative efforts.

Put yourself in the driving seat for my next donation, and who knows, maybe numerous donations over the course of the year.

This month’s charity will be announced in my next blog post.

Register and become an Official Partner Charity by clicking here.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

My Next Blog Post:
Friday 5 April 2019