Thursday, 23 May 2024
Thursday, 23 May 2024

Colchester Foodbank breaks barriers at the latest Annual AGM

THE Colchester Foodbank broke new barriers at its annual AGM, getting its message to the people at an inaugural event in the Cooperative bank’s Dome Room, and via Zoom, to an audience of remote attendees. The event symbolises the measures the Foodbank will go to in order to help people in crisis, despite challenging obstacles created by the COVID-19 crisis.

Michael Beckett, Chief Officer of Colchester Foodbank said:

“Delivering the AGM in this new community space was something to remember, especially as we took on the technical challenges of conducting a meeting both in person and via zoom simultaneously. The mayor asked a question via Zoom. That was a first! Everything worked well and I’m extremely proud of our efforts, our accomplishments and the team’s determination to overcome all barriers in order to reduce suffering and support people in crisis.”

The AGM took place on Wednesday 23rd September in the Colchester High Street Cooperative Bank’s Dome Room, a newly refurbished community space. Key participants gathered in a COVID-19 secure manner, socially distanced, while others, including the public, joined in via Zoom or on the phone.

The Colchester Foodbank Annual Report was launched, documenting details of the Charity’s activities over the last year including its considerable expansion in response to COVID-19. The Annual report, design by KG Moore, was the first of its kind for the Foodbank, conveying its goals, ambitions, challenges and achievements for all to see.

Kim Moore, Director of KG Moore commented:

“No child should go to sleep hungry. That’s why we continue to support the Foodbank in any way we can, to tell their story and convey a message of hope. The more we do to help with communications, the better placed the charity is to gain the support they need to deliver food in our community.”

Colchester-based Big Picture Charity Films unveiled the short film they produced, working closely alongside Colchester Foodbank, to celebrate 10 years of reducing suffering in our community and supporting people in crisis. The film was played to both the audience in the room and those participating remotely via Zoom. It told the story of what the Foodbank does now to support people in crisis, helping people to understand how they can support the Foodbank now, at a time when it is needed more than ever.

An impassioned keynote speech was delivered by The Right Reverend Roger Morris, Bishop of Colchester concerning the issue of child poverty. He called for urgent action by the government to tackle rising child poverty in the UK. The Child Poverty Act of 2010 set forth the aim to end child poverty by 2020, yet austerity measures have led to an increase of 600,000 children living in poverty – 9 children in a class of 30 live below the poverty line.

The Foodbank continues to grow with new satellite locations across North East Essex, creating an inclusive support network with locations in Brightlingsea, Wivenhoe, Greenstead, Tiptree, Stanway, Shrub End, New Town and, coming soon, Monkwick, all in anticipation of the highest level of demand the Foodbank network has ever known.

Colchester Foodbank charity cannot do its work without the support and generosity of people in the community. Anyone can help by placing a tin or a packet in the collection points when you do your weekly shopping. For those who can, a regular contribution can help provide the Foodbank with the stability it needed to meet its monthly running costs, especially as demand increases during these challenging times. Big or small, every gift you give helps transform lives.

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