CNI Network: ‘Tis the season for Angels!’

Angels make a big appearance in the story of Christmas and no doubt the next few weeks we will be singing ‘Hark the herald angels sing’, ‘Angels from the realms of glory’ and several others!

Angels make a big appearance on our streets, inside nightclubs and at festivals too! Teams of Street Angels, Club Angels and Festival Angels are out and about in communities throughout the year, not just at Christmas!

These amazing angelic volunteers are helping keep our communities and people, especially within the night-time economy, safe. Offering flip-flops or a plaster, a bottle of water or time to chat – these angels will be on patrol and making a massive difference as a result.

In June this year, one of our Street Angels teams came across a young man holding his head and kneeling over, very dazed, having had his head bashed against a wall. The team took him to a safe hub and left him. Three months later this same man came to say ‘thank you for saving my life’. It turns out the safe hub team had got him to A&E and a brain scan revealed a bleed on the brain.

CNI Network: 'Tis the season for Angels!'

We are called to be angels! We can all be God’s hands and feet, delivering the good news of great joy through words and action. Taking the time to look out for others. Asking God to make his Kingdom known through our daily living.

This Christmas do pray for our teams out on the streets and in clubs (or maybe consider volunteering if there is a team near you!) If you are going on a night out yourself have a and remember these top tips:

  • Stay with friends, don’t go off alone, have contact info somewhere other than your phone.
  • Ladies – carry a pair of slip-on shoes for when high heels become unbearable.
  • Always eat before a night out and don’t start cooking once you get home.
  • Know what you are drinking and how much you have – mix alcohol with soft drinks.
  • Pick a venue right for you – if you feel out of place, leave!
  • Keep your taxi money in another part of your handbag/wallet. Take a picture of the taxi and taxi drivers ID and message it to a friend.

CNI Network: 'Tis the season for Angels!'For more information on the work of Street, Club and Festival Angels or to make a donation check out (CNI Network is the umbrella organisation for all things angelic!)