CNI Network: Sky-diving Angels!

Brian Ward is the founder of Scarborough Street Angels who are celebrating ten years of work on this North Yorkshire coast seaside town. To start the year of celebrations one of the Street Angel volunteers had an idea that would see the Angels take to the sky! Brian tells the story:

Scarborough Street Angels are into their Tenth year of being on the Streets of Scarborough although we first started our training in 2008.

To celebrate our Tenth year one of our Street Angels Steve Barr came to me October last year suggesting he wanted to do a Tandem Skydive to raise funds for the work of the Angels our Street, Community and Youth Angels. At the time I said to Steve let’s plan it for our tenth anniversary of Street Angels, we decided we would try and get three of the Angels to jump to represent the three Angel groups, I was very quick to say I would do it with Steve, and then realised what I said, we then approached the Youth Angels and I heard that Jon Begin one of the Youth leaders wanted to do it, so I approached Jon and he was very much up for it, not so sure about his wife Stacey.

CNI Network: Sky-diving Angels!

We then got the wheels in motion, so after Christmas John raised a gofundme page for our Skydive,  we printed off some sponsorship forms to hand out as well and I phoned Skydive GB parachute Jump centre at East Leys Farm, Grindale Bridlington, so the deposit paid and date was set for 23rd March, arrival time 7:30am.

We arrived on the day at about 7:15am the weather was lovely slight early morning haze not much wind and the sun shining, whilst filling in forms we asked at what time would the flight be thinking about 10am he said you could be airborne in 40 minutes, it was a quick call to our wives and family members as they wanted to watch and support us, they arrived just before our walk to the aircraft.

Safely on board and waving goodbye to our families we took off, being strapped to our Instructors. It took us twenty minutes to climb to 10,000 feet flying out to Scarborough and back to Bridlington over the drop zone, I was really excited as was Steve and Jon.

I was to be the first one out, a tap on the shoulder and the door open we edged toward the edge of the aircraft, next we were free falling at 120mph falling from 10,000 feet to 5,000 feet in just 30 seconds, amazing and what a sight, the main chute opened and we slowed up from 120mph to 20mph that’s why it looks like you’re going upwards, we then had 5 minutes under the chute enjoying the view, such peace, and even having a go at controlling the chute and doing a few turns, wow! Into land we came, safe and sound! We all enjoyed it, even our families enjoyed the day!

A big thank you to all who have sponsored us, although the sponsor money is still coming in we think we may have raised over £1200.00 for the work of the Angels.

We continue to look at celebrating the work of the Angels by having a charity evening in September.

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