CNI Network: October is #MonthOfPurple

An initiative of the Association of Town and City Management, Purple Flag allows members of the public to quickly identify town and city centres that offer an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out. The scheme is similar to the Green Flag for parks and Blue Flags for beaches.

Several towns and cities where CNI Network has projects have worked with Police, Local Authorities, pubs and clubs towards achieving Purple Flag status:

Bournemouth with Church for the Night, Bournemouth Town Pastors and nearby Boscombe Angels

Chester where NightChurch offers a safe and sacred space

Guildford with Guildford Street Angels out and about every weekend and Town Centre Chaplains and Community Angels offering additional support across the town.

Halifax which was one of the first smaller towns to receive Purple Flag with support from the Halifax Street Angels and a busy night safe place offered by Bus Oasis

CNI Network: October is #MonthOfPurple

High Wycombe where the High Wycombe Street Angels have just celebrated 10 years of operating

Leeds with Street Angels running every Friday and the last Saturday of the month

Leicester Square where Club Angels in Tiger Tiger Piccadilly offering chat, help, prayer and care to club-goers inside the club venue

Watford with night-time Street Angels and day-time Chaplains offering support across the town day and night.

CNI Network: October is #MonthOfPurple

The ‘after dark’ economy is worth an estimated £72bn annually to the UK, supporting thousands of businesses, employing 4.5% of the UK workforce, and significantly contributing to local economies.

CNI Network: October is #MonthOfPurple

October also sees one of the busiest weeks of the year as a wide variety of Halloween costumes and fake blood contribute to entertaining nights out for street and clubs teams (spot the real blood from the fake blood!) CNI Network are encouraging people to tweet and Facebook our advice around Halloween to encourage those on the town for the night to have a safe and fun evening.