Clear Sky launched a new ‘Emotionally Healthy Schools’ Framework

Clear Sky Children’s Charity has launched a brand new, online membership for schools, which sits within our Professional Learning body for Family Practitioners ‘The Institute for Play and Attachment, launched in September 2019.

As a Play & Creative Arts Therapy charity we are on a mission to equip educational professionals with strategies, policies, creative play skills and the confidence to enhance the outcomes for children and families in their care through positive and active support of emotional well-being in school.

Our ‘Emotionally Healthy Schools’ membership gives you access to engaging and relevant learning and support that you can implement into school right away.

Membership gives schools access to a FRAMEWORK of support, delivered as a mix of both face to face and e-learning modules, lesson plans, downloadable video content and support over the course of the academic year.

With the support of an in-school Designated Lead, School Managers are able to support the emotional well-being of both staff and pupils in their school through the application of good practice, policy and monitoring, generating positive outcomes which are in line with OFSTED measures and which show clear progress against measures.

Membership includes termly delivery of tools and resources including:

  • Initial meeting and baseline framework assessment
  • Face to face or e-learning Space to Shine CPD workshop
  • Emotionally Healthy Schools policy pack
  • Support resources for Designated Lead
  • Documents and posters for your school
  • Resources for parents
  • Lesson plans and school assembly content
  • Termly games and activities

Member schools are also able to access additional support, tools for Governors and to use the Clear Sky ‘Emotionally Healthy School’ logo and branding.

Membership for schools will launch in January 2020.

To express interest in receiving further information please click here.