Wednesday, 17 July 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Clear Sky Children’s Charity: Back to School!

With the return to school just around the corner and after a long few dark months of children being at home, we are delighted to announce the launch of our long-awaited Clear Sky Parents Play Kit.

‘To help families to support a child’s emotional wellbeing throughout the Coronavirus pandemic’

Throughout the resource, you can expect to find tools that support communication with little ones to best help them process challenging feelings. You’ll then find games that can strengthen the relationship between you and your child, as well as allow you to have lots of fun! Many of the documents are also designed to be standalone resources.

This e-book will help parents to

  • Learn practical techniques, tips and games to do with your child at home
  • Explore and share creative ways to support your child’s emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Connect and bond with your child

Clear Sky Children's Charity: Back to School!The kit is available as a free resource for parents to support children’s emotional well-being and assist with the transition back to school. The 95-page kit has been developed by our team and is packed full of creative games and resources which were specially created by our ‘Head of Therapeutic Thinking’ Becky Hill. Please do feel free to share this resource with your networks and families!

Alongside the free e-download, we are offering the chance to win one of 8 printed copies as part of our Facebook competition. To enter the competition, participants are asked to simply complete the sentence ‘Play is…?’ in the comments section on the page before the competition closing date of 29th April. Winners will be announced when the competition ends.

Clear Sky would like the resource to be accessible to every child and family, so the resource is offered free of charge to anyone who wants to read it. However, we have suggested that families who enjoy the book might like to make a donation to help fund vital services that Clear Sky deliver. 


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