Chilterns MS Centre Wins at the MSNTC Performance Awards 2019

The Centre was nominated by the Merlin Therapy Centre in Cornwall for the advice and support given to them by Aaron Cox, Business Manager at the Chilterns MS Centre when they were trying to get their hydrotherapy pool off the ground.

Harriet Karia, Head of Fundraising & Communications said:

“We are thrilled to have received this award from the MSNTC. It means so much to us because it was a nomination from one of our fellow centres. One of our core values is about working together to make life better and this is a great example of one of our team doing just that. We were only too delighted to help the Merlin MS Centre as we are all here for the same purpose; to improve the lives of people affected by MS.”

The MSNTC is an organisation working to support the continuing development of MS Centres across the UK. It provides a common voice at a national level, to promote the work of the Centres, raise awareness, and be part of broader discussions affecting Centres and people living with MS.

Vivian Smith, MSNTC said:

“The performance awards are given out to highlight things that MS Therapy Centres around the country have done well. Their award was for the terrific support that Chiltern MS gave to the Merlin Centre advising them on the development of their Hydro pool. Aaron, in particular, spent many hours answering their questions and advising them as the project proceeded.”

Hydrotherapy is just one of the treatments available to people living with MS. It provides unique support and resistance that allows physiotherapists to target specific areas of the body effectively. Immersion in water reduces spasms allowing people with MS to become aware of normal body movements so that they can strengthen weakened muscles which can result in improved balance and coordination.

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