GREAT Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity) has launched an innovative and engaging tool to highlight the impact of GOSH Charity funding on the hospital.

The charity’s Digital Engagement team worked with a company to create a Virtual Reality of exceptional quality that really brings Great Ormond Street Hospital to life.

The VR tour provides people with the opportunity to explore the hospital’s state of the art facilities and wards alongside vital services such as the chapel, play and sensory rooms which have all received funding from the charity.

Digital innovation has been a key priority for the Digital Engagement team at GOSH Charity.

Mark Mackenzie-Ray, Digital Content Manager at GOSH Charity said:

“Various teams at the charity identified VR as a useful tool that would help us to engage with existing supporters, as well as reaching out to potential fundraisers.

“The VR experience will provide individuals and organisations from across the UK with the unique opportunity to explore the hospital as an immersive experience without having to physically be there and see how their support could help GOSH Charity give children who are treated at GOSH the best chance for life.”

The VR experience launched this week during GOSH’s 167th birthday.