Leicester-based, Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) has outsourced its IT support for the very first time to increase staff productivity and efficiency in the charity’s fight against childhood cancer.

Established over forty years ago, CCLG has spent almost half a century funding the scientific research of childhood cancer, as well as providing support to patients and their loved ones.

Following a strategic review in 2018, CCLG’s decision-makers agreed upon expansion for the charity which would involve moving to a larger office and having a complete overhaul of their IT systems.

The charity’s Chief Executive, Ashley Gamble, explained:

“The IT solutions we were previously using were old and slow. Staff struggled to work remotely and update their applications. Onboarding a 3rd party IT supplier for the first time in CCLG’s history was quite daunting. We were relying on them to tell us what was right for our business.”

Although the charity is not funded by the government and is reliant on public donations, the work that CCLG has done over the past four decades has made significant improvements to the standards of care for children with cancer. This has resulted in an 80% increase in survival rates. CCLG needed a solution within their budget and a company that could install it without interrupting their services.

After approaching a few different companies, Ashley discovered Peterborough’s Kamarin Computers amongst their potential providers.

Ashley praises:

“They were the first provider that offered to come to site, that really seemed to take the time to understand how CCLG works and what we needed from an IT solution”.

Kamarin Computers proposed that CCLG replace all their hardware and computers with up to date kit and begin utilising Cloud applications to improve their processes when working collaboratively and remotely.

Post-implementation, Ashley said:

“Everyone now has fast and reliable computers. Moving to the Cloud has been great, we can easily share files, add new users and install the software we need. We’re really pleased with the new solution and it’s having an impact on the way we work.” 

Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia Group invests in an IT overhaul to increase its life-saving work
James Royle, IT Consultant at Kamarin Computers

IT Consultant, James Royle, who is CCLG’s Account Manager at Kamarin, said:

“It’s important that public-funded charities, like CCLG, know there is IT support available to them. A functioning and stable IT infrastructure is key in helping non-profit organisations deliver their essential services, without being distracted by backend business functions.”

Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia Group invests in an IT overhaul to increase its life-saving work

Now that the CCLG team can enjoy ‘a more modern and flexible way of working’, with a robust IT infrastructure, both the charity and Kamarin are confident they will enhance the quality of their life-changing work. This will result in more research, more support and more lives saved.

For more information on Kamarin Computers’ business IT support services and solutions, visit https://www.kamarin.co.uk/it-solutions/it-support/