Thursday, 23 May 2024
Thursday, 23 May 2024

Children in poverty receive £100,000 of presents from financial firm

One of the UK’s leading financial advisory companies is delivering more than 15,000 presents to underprivileged children this Christmas.

There are more than four million children living in poverty in the UK right now, or to put it more bluntly, nine pupils in every class of 30.

More families, including those at work, are struggling to provide for their children and there will be so many young people waking up on Christmas Day without a present under the tree.

To stop this happening, finance firm Sedulo Group has once again teamed up with charities and carers across the region to deliver “ready-wrapped and personally bought Christmas presents” as part of their annual ‘Toy Appeal’.

Sedulo founder Paul Cheetham-Karcz explained that each underprivileged child receives presents that are personal to them and based on their individual tastes with gifts including clothes, toys, crafts, dolls, action figures, toiletries and this year’s must-haves all included.

He said: “Christmas is a time for children to have fun and the thought of some not receiving any presents on Christmas Day is heartbreaking.

“The Toy Appeal really is one of the most important things we do at Sedulo because, as a growing business, we cannot stand by and let these children go without.

“This year, we raised more than £100,000 to buy bespoke presents and hand them out to children in poverty across the cities we work in.”

That’s not the only kind-hearted work Sedulo is doing.

The company delivered more than 26,000 pieces of school equipment to children who didn’t have the means to afford it – allowing them to complete homework and access basic utilities – this, alongside handing out £25,000 of hot meal vouchers for young people this year.

They’ve also built a playground for a school on a condemned site and they’re launching a period poverty campaign next year aimed at teenage girls who can’t afford the products they need during the menstrual cycle.

Mr Cheetham-Karcz says this is all about “embracing and supporting the communities Sedulo works in across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London”.

He added: “The next few years for us are all about growth and deeper levels of community work.”

Sedulo Group is a financial advisory firm and investment house which was established in 2009. The business specialises in accounting, corporate finances, tax, wealth management and funding.

To find out more about their Christmas Toy appeal please click here:


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