Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Cheshire Community Foundation distributes £8million in 8 years

CHESHIRE Community Foundation has distributed over £8 million in grants over the past 8 years.

CCF raises funds to support hundreds of small charities and voluntary groups across the whole of Cheshire and Warrington, connecting people and companies who would like to make a difference with those most in need of help.

The Foundation, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, was established by Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire David Briggs MBE, KStJ, with the generous support of the late Duke of Westminster and others.

Over the past eight years, CCF has awarded 1,451 grants. During 2020 alone, 440 grants were awarded worth £2.8 million which have helped almost 295,000 people.

At the start of the pandemic, CCF launched the COVID-19 Response Fund to give support to charities and not for profit companies who were helping the most vulnerable people in the county affected by the virus.

Backed by David Briggs, the current High Sheriff of Cheshire Nick Hopkinson MBE, DL, and previous High Sheriff Mark Mitchell DL, the fund attracted over £1million in donations. The Steve Morgan Foundation agreed to provide match funding for many of the projects.

So far, more than 110 COVID-19 Response Fund grants have been awarded, worth over £950,000.

Zoe Sheppard, CEO of Cheshire Community Foundation, said:

“We are delighted to have been able to award over £8 million of grants in just eight years.

“We’d like to thank all our donors and supporters who have made this possible.

“Last year was a standout year for CCF. We set up our COVID-19 Response Fund to get vital help into the communities that needed it. We also took on the management of the UK-wide Assura Community Fund which supports health-improving work by charities across the UK including more than 10 in Cheshire.

“Cheshire is often seen as a wealthy county, but it also has significant areas of poverty and deprivation that need addressing.

“As expert grant-makers, we ensure that the money people donate reaches right into the heart of the local communities that need it the most.”

To donate to the COVID-19 Response Appeal go to and simply click the donate button, email or call 01606 330 607.

To enquire about funding, charities should go to or contact the grants team via email at


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