Friday, 1 March 2024
Friday, 1 March 2024

Charlie Watkins Foundation: 50km ultra-marathon raises more than £3,600

THE Charlie Watkins Foundation is extremely fortunate to have many supporters who give up their free time to raise funds for our cause – we call them Charlie’s Champions! One such Champion is Henry Ives, who ran a 50km ultra-marathon across Dartmoor and has to date, raised more than £3,600.

Dartmoor is distinctive for many reasons; its idyllic open landscapes, its unbroken skylines and its exciting tales of myths and legends (Dartmoor is reputedly the haunt of pixies and a headless horseman!). 

But for Henry Ives of online personal training platform H+ Performance, Dartmoor is a long-awaited challenge to sink his teeth into. 

After all, Dartmoor is also well-known for its rocky terrain. Its moorland alone is extremely hilly, so what better challenge than attempting to run a 50km ultra-marathon across it while also raising money for the Charlie Watkins Foundation?

Charlie Watkins – and his twin brother Harry – were Henry’s second cousins, and he fondly remembers them growing up together. However, Henry did not know that Charlie was struggling with mental health issues to the extent he was when he was at university. 

Charlie Watkins Foundation: 50km ultra-marathon raises more than £3,600
Henry Ives, after he had completed his 50km challenge

Henry said:

“I also struggled with depression and anxiety in my last year of university.

“Like Charlie, I had always found it difficult to talk about, and I was so reluctant to talk to anyone about it because of what they might think of me.”

Charlie tragically took his life at the age of 22 following his battle with mental health.

Henry added:

“We need to change this narrative surrounding male depression and anxiety, which is why I think the work that the Charlie Watkins Foundation is doing is so important.

“This Dartmoor ultra-marathon was not only a challenge for me but also a means to raise money for the crucial work the foundation does.”

Henry successfully completed this daring ultra-marathon on Monday 19th July, which ended up being 52km in the end! It’s not too late to donate and support Henry via JustGiving.

We’re so grateful for all the work our Champions do to help us raise funding for our vital projects, which help young people across the UK who are facing serious mental health challenges.

If, like Henry, you would like to hold an event or fundraiser for the Charlie Watkins Foundation, please do this through our JustGiving page.


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