Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Charity’s celebration day marked retirement of CEO after 17 years of service

Earlier this month, Bristol-based hospice at home charity Jessie May held a special celebration day at Bristol Zoo. Joined by families, supporters, trustees and staff, it presented a fabulous opportunity for a first in-person meeting since COVID and a chance to give thanks to this unique charity.

The event marked the retirement of CEO Chris Roys after 17 years at the helm and gave
new CEO Daniel Cheesman the opportunity to set out the next 5 Year Strategy for the

Jessie May provides specialist palliative care in the home for children with terminal
and life-shortening conditions. The charity has family at its heart, and that family spirit was
ever present on the day.

Charity's celebration day marked retirement of CEO after 17 years of service
©Barbara Evripidou/

New CEO Daniel Cheesman (pictured above) described the celebration event as being like a family coming together, he told Charity Today:

“Having just completed my first month, I’m really enjoying getting to know this amazing
charity and I have been so impressed with the passion and commitment shown by the
whole team. We have launched a very strong strategy, with big aims to support even more
families, through innovative new projects as well as expanding the geographical reach of
the charity – I am looking forward to working to fulfil this over the next few years.

“I have been so appreciative of Chris’ guidance over these last few weeks, as he graciously
hands the reins and responsibility of Jessie May over to me. I hope that myself and the
team can continue to do him proud, and take his achievements and steady platform from
over the last 17 years”

Charity's celebration day marked retirement of CEO after 17 years of service
©Barbara Evripidou/

Outgoing CEO Chris Roys was thankful for the opportunity the event gave, he said:

“To be able to have the opportunity to say goodbye in such a public way, to a group of
individuals who I have collectively known for over 17 years, was a difficult but incredibly
heart-warming moment. It was made particularly special with the attendance of some
families and children that we have supported over the last 25 years, seeing them interact
with their Jessie May nurses and the beaming smiles on their faces is exactly what makes
this charity so special.

“Knowing that Jessie May has been passed over to Daniel, who has such a sincere
motivation and passion for seeing the new strategy through, allows me to leave with the
confidence that Jessie May will continue to thrive and grow.”

The new 5-year strategy ‘No Place Like Home’ sets out the 2022 – 2027 aims for the
charity and encompasses 6 key objectives. The overarching vision for Jessie May is that all
children and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions are supported
to have the very best quality of life possible, and to choose to live, and to die, in their own
homes with their families.

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