Monday, 15 July 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Monday, 15 July 2024

CharityBIGBake: ‘Our UK Charity Week calories don’t count, do yours?’

DAY Three of UK Charity Week is CharityBIGBake, much like #Give5Day, this is yet another straightforward concept.

In previous years, it’s an opportunity to make and sell cakes in the office, the local community centre or alike and recoup some funds for your chosen charity.

However, due to the coronavirus restrictions that may be easier said than done!

CharityBIGBake: ‘Our UK Charity Week calories don’t count, do yours?’

With that in mind, and never wanting an opportunity for cake to go a miss, many of our Official Partner Charities will be taking to Zoom and hosting virtual Coffee & Cake events, and subsequently dropping a little donation into a fundraising pot.

Some are using the opportunity to bake with their children.

Here we have a couple of recipes to help get you started:

  • Victoria Sponge

  • Chocolate Brownie & Ice Cream with Sauce

UK Charity Week Founder Lee Rayment said:

“I love making a good pavlova or a Victoria Sponge! Selling our bakes may not be as easy as in previous years because of coronavirus restrictions, but I will still certainly have some time with my youngest to do some baking. We’ll then donate to a charity of his choice.”

Share details of your efforts and activities on social media using these two hashtags in your posts #UKCharityWeek #CharityBIGBake

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Remember to search the hashtag #UKCharityWeek, and get involved in the conversation.


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