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Friday, 28 January 2022

Charity wants to hire e-bikes to fans of Bridgerton

People who want to experience the locations portrayed in the Netflix series Bridgerton will be able to rent electric bikes from a charity.

The West of England Combined Authority awarded Julian House in Bath a £5,300 grant to purchase its first fleet of ten boats.

The organisation is hoping for a rise in visitors as a result of the success of the period drama Bridgerton, which was filmed in the city extensively.

The proceeds from the e-bike rentals will go entirely to support the charity’s efforts.

Julian House, which assists people who are vulnerable or in danger, currently operates a second-hand bike workshop in the city, where it trains people and assists them in finding work.

Martin Chappel, business manager at Julian House said:

“We want to share our message that the scheme is supporting something else.

“It is tangibly helping people to improve their lives. All for a nice day out on a bike. It’s win, win, win.”

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